Why am I unable to FaceTime unless I'm connected to WiFi

Apple: iPhone's Group FaceTime isn't working as it did So, for now, Group FaceTime might not work for some users for a number of reasons. First, all users on a Group FaceTime call need to be on iOS 12.1.4. Secondly, Microphone not working when on whatsapp call - iPhone 6 Front mic didn’t work or had low sound in all video calling (whatsapp, facetime, google duo etc). After reinstalling all apps or system factory formatting it didn’t fixed. After that I changed the battery with unscrewing screen, facetime has fixed and had great sound, but whatsapp has normal or low sound. Why does FaceTime says connecting but won't connect? How Assuming your app (FaceTime) and your OS are up to date and working correctly, the most likely reason FaceTime won’t connect is an extremely slow or faulty internet connection. Try rebooting your modem/router first. Then check your upload and down

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