Feb 28, 2019 · Learn how to setup site to site VPN connection in AWS. Here we will be simulating the customer end of the network using AWS VPC in another region. Useful Information: 1. Help/Commands for

A site-to-site VPN connection lets branch offices use the internet as a conduit for accessing the main office's intranet. HowStuffWorks A site-to-site VPN allows offices in multiple fixed locations to establish secure connections with each other over a public network such as the internet . You use a Site-to-Site VPN connection to connect your remote network to a VPC. Each Site-to-Site VPN connection has two tunnels, with each tunnel using a unique virtual private gateway public IP address. It is important to configure both tunnels for redundancy. Dec 20, 2018 · Virtual Private Gateway: A virtual private gateway is the VPN concentrator on the Amazon side of the Site-to-Site VPN connection. You create a virtual private gateway and attach it to the VPC from which you want to create the Site-to-Site VPN connection. Create a site to site VPN connection Step 1: Login to AWS console and navigate to ‘VPC’. If propagated routes from a Site-to-Site VPN connection or AWS Direct Connect connection have the same destination CIDR block as other existing static routes (longest prefix match cannot be applied), we prioritize the static routes whose targets are an internet gateway, a virtual private gateway, a network interface, an instance ID, a VPC

A Site-to-Site VPN gateway connection is used to connect your on-premises network to an Azure virtual network over an IPsec/IKE (IKEv1 or IKEv2) VPN tunnel. This type of connection requires a VPN device located on-premises that has an externally facing public IP address assigned to it. For more information about VPN gateways, see About VPN gateway.

Implementing Azure Site To Site VPN

The site that gets the "Nailed-up" feature enabled is responsible for initiating the VPN connection and reconnecting the tunnel if it is to drop. To enable the keep alive feature (Nailed-up) for the VPN tunnel, edit the "VPN Connection" setup (phase 2) and click the …

Using a Site-to-Site VPN as Your Backup Connection. Of course, site-to-site VPNs make an excellent backup connection between sites. Combining a leased circuit with a VPN as its backup allows you to get good performance and some level of redundancy while keeping costs lower. When it comes to setting up your VPN, be sure to provide the highest