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Segmentation Fault (SIGSEGV) vs Bus Error (SIGBUS Sep 22, 2017 [SERVER-12849] mongod got signal 7 (Bus error) - MongoDB Sat Feb 22 18:37:36.085 Got signal: 7 (Bus error). Sat Feb 22 18:37:36.139 Backtrace: 0xde05e1 0x6d0559 0x6d0ae2 0x7fe9a06bf710 0x90bcbc 0x8658e7 0x868893 0x8699ec 0x8dd50a 0x8de8a3 0x8df5b2 0xa81c00 0xa864cc 0x9fa499 0x9fb9b3 0x6e83a8 … 1491342 – corosync crashed on SIGBUS (terminated with Bug 1491342 - corosync crashed on SIGBUS (terminated with signal 7, Bus error) Summary: corosync crashed on SIGBUS (terminated with signal 7, Bus error) Keywords: Status: CLOSED DUPLICATE of bug 1536219: Alias: None Product: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 Classification: Red Hat Component:

"Signal 7" is how one of my programs exits, and in gdb I am told "Program received signal SIGBUS, Bus error". This happens after some I/O operations. I know I'm being a little vague here, but would someone please tell me what "bus error" means, in a general way? …

exit signal Bus error (7) | cPanel Forums Aug 05, 2008 Error messages / troubleshooting KUKA System Software (KSS) Error messages / troubleshooting Fehlermeldungen 09.02.01 en Cause

receive signal 7 bus error when heavily read/write in the mode Journal_mode = WAL. The GDB report is shown as below. Program terminated with signal 7, Bus error. #0

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