yeah it really depends on the game. For example, I play wolfenstein enemy territory a lot and my ping is usually around 20-30. When it increases to 60 or higher, I really notice the differnce and

Ultimate Ping - Play Free Online Games | Addicting Games Jun 30, 2005 Ping Pong Games - Play Ping Pong Games on Free Online Games Play Ping Pong Games at Free Online Games. Our best Ping Pong Games include and 13 more.

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We carefully gathered almost all io games you can find online, providing players the biggest IO GAMES LIST at It's up to you to choose your favorite .io game and play. Currently most popular category is Battle Royale or (Pubg) in which the main object is to survive the longest. P.S We also have fullscreen option for best gameplay. PING (or LATENCY) - the network delays in milliseconds [ms] when the data is sent between your computer and the Internet. This is the most important parameter when we are talking about online games or calls. Latency time strongly depends on distance between you and the reference server. The longer distance, the bigger latency value is expected.

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