2020-6-10 · If I go into the Play store, under Settings, in the category General, it says "autoupdate over wifi only". If I go to a specific app (e.g. youtube) and click the 3 bars in the top right it shows autoupdate ticked. Could I be missing something or looking in the wrong place? – craq Apr 28 '17 at 0:52

Google Maps Not Working On Android 2017 | How To Fix Google Maps Not Working On Android 2017 | How To Fix: If your problem is Google Maps not working on Android, then you have come to the right place!. It can be super frustrating when any app decides not to work but Google Maps you need it to get your from point A to point B and usually immediately. Provision devices | Google Play EMM API | Google Developers 2019-6-11 · The Google Play services APK guide instructs developers to perform a version check of Google Play services before performing API transactions. Because attempting to update Google Play services causes serious disruptions in the device setup process, your DPC must not attempt to update Google Play services before device provisioning is complete. Strange issue using WiFi on Pixel 3 (Some ap… | Google 2018-11-13

May 21, 2017 · If your Google Play Store is still not working then you need to go back and reinstall the updates. VPN or over data network but not over my wifi. Searched almost everywhere found nothing till

Is the play store update process showing in your notification tray, or are you just seeing higher data-usage in general? If it's the latter--just higher data usage, there is a rogue "Google Play Services" bug on some devices/versions that consumes a lot of data; if that is the problem, you can uninstall the Google Play Services updates and see if the problem continues.

Google Play Store not working? Here's how to fix it

Within Android, the store is referred to as Play Store. Until March 2012 the store was called Android Marketplace. Google Play offers mobile apps and in select geographies also sells digital music (Google Play Music or Google Music), e-books and movies for download. Why am I unable to download apps from the Google Play Open "Downloads" app or Download Manager. Change the setting of the max size of file you can download using mobile data. Clear Cache after changing the max size above. Go to Settings > Apps > All > Google Play Store > Storage, then finally tap the